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10 Homeschool Products I Can’t Live Without

10days10thingsEveryone has their items that they can’t live without. It ranges from big, expensive stuff all the way to teeny little inexpensive things. Homeschool mom’s find that they have certain things that they just can’t do without in their homeschool. It helps them to stay sane and for their homeschool day to run much smoother. So here are my top 10 things that I feel that I need.

  1. The Well Planned Day Planner – This is a little pricier than some of the other planners that are out there. However, it works great for me. I have all three of my girls schedules, grades, and attendance in one place. I don’t like having to have several books or places for my records. I just stop using it if its too much or overwhelming. This planner works the best for me.
  2. Binders – I use binders for everything. For teacher manuals, worksheets, note booking, etc. It helps me to keep things straight and organized. They come in handy for pretty much anything you can think of.
  3. Post-It notes – I am constantly making notes in one book or another. Whether it’s telling my girls where I want them to stop reading in a book or what questions they need to answer, you will find post-its are a big use around here. (I really should take stock out in the post-it company lol.)
  4. 3-Hole Punch – I use this for worksheets that I have printed so I can stick them in my binder. There are plenty of things that can be organized in a binder but  not all of them have holes in them so I use my handy punch to do it.
  5. Printer/Copier – Of course I need this for printing worksheets but mine is also a 48923kecxt33xn3scanner/copier so I can copy things like tests or whatever for my oldest and middle daughters to help save money. I won’t have to buy certain things over again.
  6. Laptop – There are so many resources online to use from downloading worksheets to virtual field trips. My computer is always in use for some educational purpose or another. Most of them are free as well.
  7. Netflix – I know this seems strange but there are so many shows from discovery channel and more that are educational and we can use in our schooling to learn more about the subject we are studying. A couple of our favorites are Myth Busters and How It’s Made. We also used the Liberty’s Kids series to help study American History one year.
  8. Camera – Of course I have to say my camera. I mean I’m a blogger after all. lol I use my camera to help document our school year in pictures and I try to put together at “yearbook” for the kids to show what all we did that year. We can document a lot of stuff from Science experiments to field trips. It’s so much fun.
  9. Notebooks – I am teaching my kids the importance of handwriting and why it should be neat so we go through notebooks quite a bit. We also use the notebooks for art and the girls love to use them more for that purpose than handwriting. lol
  10. Pencils – I much rather my kids use pencils than pens. I want them to get better at handwriting first before we start making things more permanent. So we go through lots and lots of pencils.

There are plenty of other things I also like having on hand but for now that is my top 10. What are some of the things you can’t live without?