House Hunting {still}

roomandfurniture_jpgIt can be so depressing, looking for a house that meets your needs and yet when you find it, the news that you can’t afford it just about breaks your heart. Not that I am emotionally attached to the houses. I mean I only looked at them for a mere few seconds when I look at the price. But my heart sinks every single time. Even looking at our minimum needs the houses are ridiculously over priced for rent. I know buying looks to be the thing to do to make monthly payments lower but I made a deal with my hubby that we wouldn’t add anymore debt until our other debts are paid off and we are debt free.

I know that God will provide and he will open the right house when we need it but I would love to see just a glimmer of the possibility right now. I know, it sounds like I am worried and depressed about it but I’m not. I just get frustrated when things don’t move as fast as I would like them too. Of course I can not force God to move faster than he should. I just need to be patient and trust that He has my best in mind.

I know the right house will open up in the right time. But if you think of me when you are praying please pray that God will open up the doors for a house that meets ALL our needs.




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