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The Homeschool Planner {review}

It’s that time of year again. Either you have started or you are just getting started back into your school year. If your like me you also are searching for the best possible planner to use for your curriculum planning. A friend of mine, who is a veteran homeschooler, has created her own planner, The Homeschool Planner, with all the pages you will need to get started. It comes complete with, attendance sheets, weekly planner, science project planner and much more. PLUS for everyone that purchases this printable planner she includes a password to the members area where you can download any new pages that have/or will be added to the Homeschool Planner. On top of all that you won’t believe the price of this printable planner. It’s a frugal homeschoolers dream, priced very reasonably at $4.99 . I mean seriously, you just can’t beat that amazing price.

I personally have found quite a few pages that will aide me with project planning and the art planner from the original planner and the insect and bird profile downloads that you can get from the members area, that can work right along with my main homeschool planner. This planner comes with instructions on how to put it together and the awesome thing about this is that you can print it as many times as you want and use it year after year. Also print only the forms you will actually need. How’s that for being frugally minded? All you need is a 3 ring binder, hole punch and some index dividers/tabs. A very small investment for something that will last your entire homeschool career.

She has done an amazing job putting this product together. Now I know you are waiting to try and find out HOW you can get a copy of this planner and how you can also download a sample pack to view. All you have to do is go to: I know once you view this you will be pleased with it.


**I received a free copy of this planner in exchange for an honest review.**