Custom Made Study Corral’s

I saw these study corral’s on oriental trading last year and thought it was such a good idea for my girls. However, I didn’t want to spend the money on them when I had the supplies to make them on my own.  So without further ado I have created my own and here is the … Continue reading Custom Made Study Corral’s


House Hunting {still}

It can be so depressing, looking for a house that meets your needs and yet when you find it, the news that you can’t afford it just about breaks your heart. Not that I am emotionally attached to the houses. I mean I only looked at them for a mere few seconds when I look … Continue reading House Hunting {still}

Extreme Couponing

We’ve all heard about it. And who doesn’t want to save money. A lot of people are scared to get started because they are afraid of the time consumption. I mean who has the time to sit at home and clip coupons all day right? It doesn’t have to be so time consuming for you. … Continue reading Extreme Couponing

{NOT} Back to School Blog Hop {Student Photo Week}

It’s school photo week and even though we don’t start back to a full work load until the 29th I went ahead and did our “school” pics for the fall.  Name:  S (aka DramaQueen) Age: 11 Grade:  5th/6th Favorite Color:  Purple Favorite Toy: Lego’s Favorite DS Game:  Super Scribblenauts Favorite Wii Game: Lightsaber Duels Favorite … Continue reading {NOT} Back to School Blog Hop {Student Photo Week}

Women of Faith Imagine Charlotte

Well the WOF Imagine Charlotte conference is coming up in just over a month. Thanks to the BookSneeze I am going. However, I need some help getting there. If you would like to help me to get to the conference you can do several different things. Purchase Ad space on my blog. I have 3 … Continue reading Women of Faith Imagine Charlotte

Memories Sweet Memories

In the background right now I hear the innocent laughter of 7 girls having a sleep over for H’s 10th birthday. It brings back oh so many memories of simpler times. Back when we were between the ages of 10 and 13 and me and my friends giggled until the wee hours of the morning. … Continue reading Memories Sweet Memories

What I’m Reading {August}

I love to read. I wish I had more time to read. If I could I really would spend most days curled up with a good book. Of course life dictates otherwise. But I do make it a priority to read. I read in the evenings to H and A as much as possible and … Continue reading What I’m Reading {August}


Yep I have jumped on the band wagon and joined Pinterest. You can follow me by clicking on the Pinterest button in my sidebar. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the things I have on my boards right now. From My Boards:   Source: via Dianna on Pinterest Source: … Continue reading Pinterest

NOT Back to School Blog Hop {School Room}

Well here we are again. This week is school room week on the blog hop. At one time I did have a school room as you can see in this previous post from 2009. Last year we decided that we really needed to give S her own space and therefor H and A share a … Continue reading NOT Back to School Blog Hop {School Room}

Life Changes for the better…

Last week, I told you all about some changes that I had done to my blog to try to make a little extra money for school, my coming trip to the Women of Faith conference, etc. Little did I know that within a few hours things would change. Well after I posted that post I … Continue reading Life Changes for the better…