Creative DNA

This past Sunday, the pastor at the church I am currently attending said something that just stuck out to me.

The ability to create sets mankind apart from all other creatures. We are made in the image of the creator, therefore we have creative DNA.

I know this is  probably not word for word what he said but it is the general idea. Our creator, God, put creative DNA into us. Therefore, He gave us the ability to be able to create things. It could be anything: books, paintings, crafts, music, whatever. He designed us to be able to do the things we do and love.
When you are crafting it is because God put that desire and gift into you. When you sing its because God put that gift and desire into you. You don’t have to be like everyone else in the way you do your “thing”. But when you do it, remember that you are doing something that God put in you to do.
Go and be creative for the Lord, today.


2 thoughts on “Creative DNA

  1. As a multi-media artist who is always thinking up something new, I sometimes spend way too much time designing things in my head and not enough time actually creating them!Thank you for this encouragement!


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