Our Homeschool Story

As I have been preparing for our coming school year, I tend to think about why I started home schooling to begin with. Most people think it was because I, myself, have been homeschooled. That is true to a point but not completely since I was only homeschooled from 8th-12th grades. I went to public school before and had both some good and bad experiences. However, my experiences did not affect the decision on whether to home educate my children or not.

I talked to my husband and we decided to pray about it. With my eldest it was hard to let her go but I was willing to do it if that is what the Lord told me to do. In fact for a little while I was sure He was telling me to put S into a private church school. I had her enrolled and tested and was ready to put her in but I just could not get any peace about it in my spirit. I talked to my husband some more and we prayed a whole bunch more and then made the decision to call the school and told them that we decided we did not want to do it. She was 5 and legally for our state she didn’t have to start school until she was 6. At that point we felt that we would home educate our first year and take it year by year. Here we are 7 years later and still home educating.

We are loving getting the privilege to home educate. My girls get the wonderful opportunity of working on their level. I can cater the curriculum to each of their needs. Whether or not I need to hold one back in something and let them move forward in something else. They can also spend time studying the things that interest them and that makes for a much happier home school. Yes there are things that they don’t like that they must know but they are learning to enjoy that also.

Through my 7 years of homeschooling my girls, I have learned NOT to compare them to other children. Each child learns in their own way and speed and if you push a child to much sometimes that will ruin their love for learning. S LOVES science. That is no thanks to me because science was not necessarily my favorite subject. She loves it and when we go to the library she is always bringing home science books and dvds. Rarely does she bring home a book of fiction that other girls her age like. Her dream is to work for NASA as an astronomer. H, however, loves being a mom and taking care of those around her and she loves stories about moms and babies. She is my fiction reader. Her main goal in life is to become a wife and mom. I get the joy of helping her to learn how to be a good wife and mom. A, is six and her main interest right now is to play. However, she also loves space and told me that she wants to be an astronaut and go to Mars.

Having them at home I get to encourage their dreams and help them work toward that goal. For our family Home-Schooling is the right thing to do. It’s a blessing that I get to instill the values that my husband and I believe in without being criticized on a daily basis. Not that people do not criticize or look down on me because I home-school. There are those who no matter how well your children do, how much they get out with other kids they will look down on you and try to make you feel inferior and that you are not doing the right thing by your children.

I’ve seen posts that say that home-educating parents are just being selfish. If being selfish is giving my children the education that I believe is the best for them, so be it. Let them call me selfish, I know that I am doing the thing that God has told/called me to do.

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