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The Waiting Place by Eileen Button {Review}



A collection of essays describing the beauty and humor that can be found in what often feels like a most useless state—The Waiting Place.

We all spend precious time just waiting. We wait in traffic, grocery store lines, and carpool circles. We wait to grow up, for true love, and for our children to be born. We even wait to die. But amazing things can happen if we open our eyes in The Waiting Place and peer into its dusty corners. Sometimes relationships are built, faith is discovered, dreams are (slowly) realized, and our hearts are expanded.

With humor and heart-breaking candor, Eileen Button breathes life into stagnant and, at times, difficult spaces. Throughout this collection of essays she contends that The Waiting Place can be a most miraculous place—a place where beauty can be experienced, the sacred can be realized, and God can be found working in the midst of it all.

Includes stories on waiting for:

the day to end a place called home the fish to bite a baby’s healing church to be over a husband’s return children to grow a mother’s acceptance a loved one to die As Eileen says, "To wait is human. To find life in The Waiting Place, divine."

My Review:


It’s funny that I should be reading this when I myself, am in a “waiting place” of sorts.  It just reminded me of the  wonderful things that God shows us while in these places where we must wait on God, others and even ourselves. The stories of her “waiting places” in her own life are very interesting and encouraging. Without waiting places of our lives we might never learn anything.


The stories will make you understand that we are not alone. Others go through these waiting periods and they also question and wonder what is going on in their lives.  I found it was an enjoyable read. Eileen, has a way of bringing you right into the pages of her stories.


It was a great reminder that even in the “waiting places” of life God is there with me, speaking to me and encouraging me.  What do you learn during the “waiting places” of your life?





Thank you to Thomas Nelson for sending me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  To find out how to purchase this book click on the image above.