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Look what was hanging around my backyard…

Yesterday, my dog was acting strange. He was growling and barking at the back door and wouldn’t go outside. We at first thought that he was afraid of a frog that was sitting on our patio. But, as I was watching this frog I saw this head raise up out of the grass under our fire pit. It was a snake. I grab the dog to keep him from running outside cause I was afraid he would be lunch for the snake and hollered at my husband. “There’s a snake in the backyard”… Of course he couldn’t see it at first 081and finally it moved enough for him to get a good look and he says very calmly “oh yeah, I see it.”

In my head I am thinking “ I want it gone. Stay away.” Then my eldest daughter says “let me see it” and then the youngest is like “where is it” and they all thought it was cool. lol  My middle daughter is the only one that stayed inside with me and didn’t want anything to do with the snake.


083My husband knowing my fear of snakes scared it to the hill and it disappeared. About an hour later it came back. Apparently it was hoping that it would have frog legs for lunch. The poor frog as scared as can be didn’t move a muscle this entire time. The second time around my husband went outside and  took pics before scaring it off for the second time. I was to scared to be outside near it. lol Then he scared it away and then scared the frog so it wouldn’t become a snake snack.  Come to find out it was a black rat snake. It isn’t posinous and it keeps pests and other snakes away. Needless to say we let it live. As long as it doesn’t come near me or in my house it can live a long happy life.




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