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What a week

This past week has been one busy week. We’ve had family in and we have worked on the house more but oh my goodness the weekend was not the best one I’ve had. My husband, H, and I had a case of food poisoning.  It was not a good thing. There were times none of the three of us could get off the couches or chair. When we did get up it was to go to the bathroom and you can only imagine what happened there. S was such a wonderful helper. She proved over and over how she is growing up to become a very responsible young lady. She helped out A quite a bit. Got her food, dressed her and generally kept her eye on her while we were unable to do so. I am so blessed to have such a sweet and caring daughter.


I am still recuperating from this dreadful experience. My ribs and chest are still very sore and hurt when I take deep breaths or laugh from the violent vomiting. It was not fun and I would not wish anyone to have to deal with it. I hate vomiting and will fight it with everything in me. But sometimes we have to do things we don’t like in order to feel better. The Lord kept saying that over and over to me as I lay on the couch praying that the pain would stop and the urge to vomit would go away. To get the bad out I had to allow it to come out. The longer it took me to allow it to come out the harder it was.


It’s a lot like life. The longer it takes us to deal with problems and issues that we know we should deal with the harder it is to get that issue and problem taken care of. If we keep putting off the things we don’t like to deal with the longer it will take us to overcome that issue.  That is why as soon as the issue arises we need to seek the Lord and ask Him for help over that area. The more we try to do it in our own power by avoiding it and putting it off the harder it is to allow God to take control of those issues and work in us and through us. If one thing I learned through this whole experience it is to immediately ask God for help to make it through and to do the things he tells me to do and stop trying to do things in my own strength.


It is hard to let go sometimes but we need to learn to let go. We need to allow God to have control over every area of our lives. It’s not the easiest thing to do, to let someone else have control of our lives and guide us. But if we let God take control, the creator of the universe, the one who made us to begin with, don’t you think He knows what is best for us anyway. Don’t you think by allowing Him to guide us we may avoid a lot of heartache and problems?


Here are a few questions to think about this week:

1.) If God designed us don’t you think He knows what’s best for us?

2.) If we are obedient to Him don’t you think He will take care of us and our needs?

3.) Why are we afraid to let God have complete control? What do we have to lose?


Think about them and pray about them and if you like you are more than welcome to come back here and answer these questions in the comment section.



3 thoughts on “What a week

  1. WOW great things to think on!!! We had a couple of weeks ago a stomach bug that all 5 of us had. My 3 kids had it 12 hours were me and the hubby were woozy all week long. I like what God told you that you have allow it to come out!!! Funny how God will use anything even getting sick to show us a visual picture of what we need to and how it need to happen. Happy to read that your oldest was on hand to help you and the hubby out with the 2 younger ones. Funny how they are willing to stepp up to the plate and show responsibilty when you least expect it. Have a good one!!!


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