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A Lizard Adventure

Over the past couple days we have had an adventure in our home. It wasn’t planned but it did indeed happen. Sunday evening as I was walking toward my back door I look down on the kitchen floor and there is what I called a little lizard. IN. My. Home.

Okay I think lizards are interesting creatures but I don’t want them in my house. My in-laws happened to be visiting and me, Princess and Gran-gran were afraid to get off of the couch. 😀 I tried to be brave but alas I just couldn’t help myself. From a distance and outside they are really super cute but inside my house…. not so much.  We tried to chase the lizard back outside but it hid under the stove. Finally we all settled down and were enjoying a movie and the girls were no longer thinking about the lizard when it decides to try to find a way out again. It scurries across the living room floor and I grab the camera but still had no luck getting it on camera. My husband tried to catch it but again it escaped under the TV and refused to come out.

Now we are into Monday. Monday afternoon the lizard tried to find a way out again and ran down the hall and into MY bedroom. MINE. it disappeared under my bed which unfortunately is like the Bermuda Triangle. Things go in and never come back out. Well I heard it scurrying across some boxes and stuff and look over and it is sitting on the handle of the window. I’m trying to keep and eye on the lizard while I wait for my husband to get home from work.  Whom happens to be on the phone with me and is laughing at my plight. Of course looking back how could I be mad at him when it was a very funny thing. He comes home and the lizard has disappeared again. I REFUSE to sleep in my bedroom. So we block it into the room. We close the bathroom, closet and bedroom door and put towels under them to keep the lizard from escaping. Then hubby and I sleep on the air mattress on the living room floor. NOT fun.

Now we are in to today, Tuesday, and Princess was playing Webkinz on my computer which is in my bedroom. Next thing you know I hear her scream. She has seen the lizard. The lizard is getting desperate to get out now. It’s been 1 1/2 days since its been outside and had any food. The lizard runs under my husbands dresser and believing I have him trapped sit down on the computer to update my husband via IM to let him know how day 2 of lizard hunt is going. While sitting there typing away I hear scurrying. Before I can even move the lizard bolts out the bedroom door across the hall into Princess and Boo’s room. It runs under their bed and now I’m thinking… “ok the lizard has to go or we will never get to sleep in our beds again”. I run in there to try to find the lizard and holler for Drama Queen to me bring me a box. I am now determined that I have shared my house long enough with this creature and I am going to catch it. After chasing it around the room it finally crawled into Princess tennis shoe. I pick the shoe up and placed it into a box and Drama Queen and I ran out the back door. I set the little thing go and then and ONLY then did my “fearsome” dog decide that he was going to chase this lizard. ONLY he almost chased it back into the house. I screamed for D. Q. to quickly close the back door and then scared the lizard away from the door into the grass. So now the lizard is back in its natural habitat and I am happily in mine. I told my hubby via IM what happened and he said he was proud of me. I AM WOMAN!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!!! LOL

After the adventure I did squeal for a little bit and had to have some caffeine. NOW I can sit back and laugh at our lizard adventure.

Sunday night we did look it up and found that it actually wasn’t a lizard it was a Southeastern 5 lined skink. They are not poisonous and are very common in the area. This one happen to be a juvenile cause it still had its blue tail. Hubby and Drama Queen wanted to keep it as a pet but I would much rather admire it from afar. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Lizard Adventure

  1. Julie, that is too funny. I think I would prefer a grasshopper and frog but then again maybe not a frog. LOL Christy, I can only imagine how that poor little lizard felt with someone having cut off its tail. lol


  2. You need to write a book on " Dianna's adventures", When children are involved it can get quite exciting and colorful….Brook decided when she was 4 that the lizard she caught no longer needed its tail. I am glad the one she had the tail grows back…LOL…


  3. Hahaha, my mom and sister had a similar experience not too long ago with a frog in the house! We had a grasshopper a couple of weeks ago but that's not as bad as a lizard. Noah enjoyed chasing the grasshopper 🙂


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