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Snow, Ice and Life

If you’ve been wondering where I have been lately I’ve been busy with life. Yep surprising to even myself I have a life besides just my computer. lol  With school work, church work and everything else that is required of me I have not been able to post nearly as much as I would like to. Plus I started another project which will be revealed in time. It’s a project that I am working on a little at a time and I’m not sure how long it will take before I have it all going. So it will come about and be revealed as things progress.

All week we’ve been hearing that we will be having a “major ice/snow storm”. Well yes snow and ice did come through but not nearly as much as they were predicting at least for my side of town. On the northern and eastern areas they got quite a bit and businesses are closed in some places because of it. We didn’t get much. As you will see.


However the ice weighed down some of the trees and I see at least one broken branch. My husband works on the northern side of town and he actually got stuck up at work. So he is working this afternoon as well since they are short handed. He will be tired when he gets home tomorrow. In a little while I will be taking the girls out to play in the “snow/ice” for a little while. Maybe we will get enough snow to build a very small snow man.  We shall see. Keep watching my photo blog for more pics of the “major” snow/ice storm.

On the school front. I was very very blessed to get a few things that I had been wanting to use in our home school for free recently. A very dear friend passed on some of her LLATL books (Learning Language Arts Through Literature). I have red thru purple. YAY I just have to purchase the student workbooks and it will be complete. Plus I will be placing my order for The Mystery of History Volume 1 and Apologia Botany very soon. I am also looking at going ahead and purchasing the experiment kit for Botany since it has everything included.

I will also be doing a number of book reviews soon. There are several books that have been offered to me to read and review and they look great.  I am very excited about things to come. Plus I will soon be starting some charity related fund raisers through my Avon site. Each month will be a different charity or organization. So keep watching to see what I have planned.

God Bless,