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My Week

I’ve had a long week. In this unstable economy where most people have been losing jobs and pay has been cut that I can honestly say God has truly blessed us. My husband has recently gotten a promotion and a pay raise. Granted to do so he had to go to third shift but the opportunity was open and we prayed and felt like it was a go. This week he worked a swing shift 3 days on second and 2 on third. It’s been a tough adjustment for me because I am used to having my husband by my side when I go to sleep at night. So its taking me a bit longer to fall asleep at night. I had a friend on twitter share a tip on how to get used to him being gone and I tried one last night and it did help. So thank you twitter friends for your tips.

Also this week (Thursday), Drama Queen, Princess and I went to the Planetarium at Bob Jones University. It was very cool. Not only was it fun for the kids and informative for us adults but I was pleased that they actually incorporated the salvation message into it as well. How many places can you think of that would actually do something like that? Not many I assure you. It was a wonderful experience. The girls were excited that they also got to touch a real meteroite. It weighed in at about 55 – 60lbs. I could barely move it. It was donated by a farmer in NJ whose farm it landed on. It was a very cool time and a place I would love to go back to.

Earlier in the week DramaQueen had her yearly check up. She has grown 2 inches and gained 2lbs. Also while there she was diagnosed with pink eye. Mainly caused by allergies. So she was on eye drops for the first part of the week and allergy meds as well. Of course today my darling Princess decided to put silly putty on her face and of course it got stuck in her eyebrow’s. UGH it was a lot of fun to clean off but we got most of it out without having to shave the eyebrows off. Which, really terrified her to even think about. Boo has been an adventure. It seems every time it rains that she just really has a fit. Her mood is cranky and demanding. She truly believes we were put on the earth to do nothing but fulfill her wishes. Maybe her nickname should have been Princess. LOL

Anyway, that has been my week. How have ya’ll been?

I’m going to leave you with a few pics I took this week.


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  1. Beautiful spring pictures. Sorry about the pink eye. Hope it is not too itchy. I too am glad my hubby has a job. I don’t like sleeping without my hubby at my side either.


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