on it’s way to you. I’ve been so behind as I have informed the winners of my contest via email. I feel like much of life is behind right now. LOL But its usually not as bad as I think it is.

Things seem like they are going to settle down then something happens and oh goodness it feels like my world has fallen apart. Or at least my routine but this week I am quickly regrouping. It’s amazing how my desire to follow at least a flexible routine will keep me somewhat focused. But then its also amazing how quickly a routine can get turned upside down. Oh well at least life is not boring.

Hey did you all watch the Inauguration? Do you have any comments and/or concerns regarding it and our new President? I will tell you he was not my choice, HOWEVER, I respect his position and will continue to pray for him and his family. Well I must run its late and I have a few last minute things to do.

God Bless and you winners please let me know when the packages arrive so I know you have recieved them.



  1. I did not vote for him either, but I will respect his position and continue to pray for both him and our country.


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