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I Cut It All

Yep I cut all my hair off.

I went from THIS:

To This: 
It got to the point I was constantly pulling my hair up into a pony tail and so I had to do something. This was it. I like it but its soooooo short. LOL Still not used to seeing short hair when I look in the mirror. 
I also baked a cake for my dad and DramaQueen’s double birthday party. DramaQueen will be 9 Friday and my dad turned 60 on Sunday so we did their party at the same time. He had no idea. We did a Golf theme on the cake since he is teaching DramaQueen to Golf. Here’s a pic. Hubby helped me decorate.
I also rearranged my kitchen. Of course in these pics the kitchen is still a mess. I have an island counter that is a floating island so it can be moved. By moving it I was able to create a space for school. It turned out pretty cool. Please ignore the mess in the pics. I wasn’t done cleaning up at the time and just snapped a couple pics to show ya’ll. 
This is our school area. Behind the counter is the girls pink computer. The cabinet space under the island is all school stuff. It turned out really nice.
Where the table is, is where the island used to be. But putting the table there opened up the space more. The kids love it. 
Well I must run I have dinner to fix. I’ll post again soon.

5 thoughts on “I Cut It All

  1. I love, love, love your new hair cut! So cute! I am thinking about doing some rearranging, but don’t mention it to my husband. He hates it when I rearrange!


  2. Hey Diana! I love the hair!!! I love the kitchen too—-I can’t get over how much bigger it looks in there!!! Wow—I bet that does work nicely for school. I didn’t realize that was a floating island—-way to go!!! Did you all enjoy the snow?!!! We did—it just didn’t last long enough 🙂 Talk to you soon!Blessings!!


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