Mom and Princess Day Out

I’ve been offline for 2 days. Sunday I took off because I really just needed a break from work. Monday I took off to spend a Mommy day with just me and Princess. So if you’ve sent me an email I’m still getting to them and I will email you back.

Monday morning Princess and I got up and went to the mall for a surprise for her on our day out. We arrived outside of the Build-A-Bear Workshop and she just about flipped. She was so excited she squealed with delight. So I took some pics with my phone to commemorate this day out.

Here she is after she picked out her stuffed animal. She chose the new Hello Kitty. Which is one of her favorite characters.

She is putting Kitty’s heart into her after she stuffed her, kissed the heart and made a wish.
She is getting a bath and a brushing.
Then we picked out an outfit and she is dressing her.
Here she is in her new outfit.
Then we went to the computer to register her and get her birth certificate.
And that was a good day for my Princess. After that we had lunch together with her Nana (my mom). Then we joined up with her two sisters and daddy and went to the zoo to see one of the newest members of our zoo.
Yep our zoo has added a pair of Giraffe’s to the exhibits. They are such amazing animals.
They put measurements by feet on the side of the building so you can see just how tall these amazing creatures are. When he stands straight up (which he did right after I took this pic) he/she is about 12.5 – 13 ft tall.
Of course we couldn’t go to the zoo without stopping by the Orangutan exhibit to see baby Bob who was born on DramaQueen’s 6Th birthday. Since both Drama Queen and Baby Bob’s birthday is coming up we had to say Happy Birthday to him.
He’s going to be 3 on the 23rd of this month. Drama Queen will be 9. Hard to believe they grow so quickly.
Yesterday was also the first day of our church wide fast. Our church is doing a 21 day fast called Rekindle the Fire. I’m glad of this fast. I’m excited about what the Lord is going to do in all of our lives and what he is going to share with us. I’ve been really feeling dry lately and need a refreshing. And tomorrow night will be the first Wednesday evening that I will be going to church in years. Mostly because until right before Christmas we only had one car and hubby works 2ND shift so we just had no way of going. But I’m excited because I’ll be joining the choir. YAY!!! I also recently rejoined our home school group for the same reason. I can now be active in it a lot more.
Anyway, I have a list of things to do today. I must go and get to work.
God Bless,


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