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Color Tint Tutorial

This is my first ever tutorial for anything. If I remember correctly. So be patient with me and if you have questions please leave them in a comment so I can answer them. I have had tons of people ask me how I made my pumpkin pictures black and white with only color on the pumpkins. Well the process is called color tinting. I learned a year or two ago and I love this process for photos when you really want to bring something out.

This tutorial is being done on Paint Shop Pro X2. I originally learned on PSP 8 and had to adjust it a bit for X2. It’s a fairly simple tutorial. By the way to enlarge the images just click on them.

1. 1st choose the photo you would like to tint. I chose this older one of my middle daughter because of the bright colors in the pic. I’m focusing on her hat this time around.

2. Right click the icon in the lower right hand panel to bring up the layers sub-menu.Choose “promote background layer”.

3. Next you need to right click on the icon in the lower right hand panel again and choose “duplicate”.

4. Make sure the top layer in the lower right hand panel is highlighted to ensure you are working on that layer. Then you need to go up to the top menu and click on “adjust”. Then on “Hue and Saturations”, and then on “Hue/Saturation/Lightness”.

5. This should pop up a window and you need to make sure that all the numbers are set at “0”. Then click “OK”.

6. The next step is to click on the top menu tab “Layers”. Go to “New Mask Layer” and then “show all”.

7. Once you have done that you can click on your paintbrush and start “painting” or “unmasking” the area that you want the color to show through. Basically your erasing the top layer so the bottom layer’s color can show through.


You may have to adjust your paintbrush size to make sure you get the entire item you want color tinted. IF you accidentally make a mistake you can click on your eraser and hold down the right mouse button to go over the area you messed up on or”erase” the mistake.

8. Once you have the area you want colorized finished you go up to the top tab menu and click on “Layers” then on “merge” and then on “merge visible”. When doing this make sure the top layer icon in the lower right panel is highlighted so that you can merge the entire image.

And here is the finished project.

*TIP* Make sure you have made a copy of the original photo in case you want to use it for another project later. 
I hope that you were able to follow this tutorial and if you have questions or would like to share your color tint photos with me please comment or link us to it. If you would like for me to post your pics on my blog of your color tinted photos for my readers to see you can email them to me at: dmautonATgmail DOTcom . 
Thanks for reading and be blessed,

4 thoughts on “Color Tint Tutorial

  1. Oh, one more thing! Just for those that don’t know, you need to have your paint chip color set at black for this to work the best! If you have white as your paint color, the color is very faded. Just thought I would throw that in! (:


  2. Great tutorial, Dianna! Even though I know how to tint, (and only have PSP8), I went through your tut step by step, and you explained it perfectly! Good job! (:


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