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Organizationally Challenged Part 2

Well Here we are in part two of organizationally challenged. I took some pics of the part of the house I will be working on this week. These of course are the before shots. As many of you know I will be trading rooms around in my house. My girls (all three) will be getting the master bedroom and my dh and I will use one of the smaller bedrooms for our bedroom and the other for an office. Of course we are going to be giving up a walk in closet and taking two smaller closets. My husband will be getting one closet and I will be getting the other. Honestly its really not a big deal. This week I am going to clean out and change out the closets. So here are some before pics of our closet.

This is the current master bedroom closet. It is cluttered and has all kinds of stuff in it that is not supposed to be in a bedroom closet. LOL

This is DramaQueen’s and Princesses closet. Which will soon be hubbies closet.

This is Boo’s closet which will eventually be my closet. This is the first closet that I will be moving.

It’s going to be a huge challenge and undertaking but I know it will be worth it when its all said and done.


2 thoughts on “Organizationally Challenged Part 2

  1. Wow…it seems a lot going to tidy up! Anyway, nice to be here & hope to see u ard my place some day. Cheers…Dora:)


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