And then there were three

Well we are down to three American Idols. The dread lock wearing Jason Castro left us tonight. I think it was about time. Now we are down to Syesha Mercado, David Archuleta, and David Cooke. I’m still thinking David Cooke will win but David Archuleta did very well last night. I think in the end the two Davids will be battling it out. I’m so happy Syesha is still in the top three. She has a great voice and has so much talent.

On other news I’m about to embark on a great adventure or mishap, whichever you view it as. LOL Still not quite sure yet. I think I’m going to be positive and look on it as a great adventure. In my quest to become more organized I’ve decided one way to do that is to also use my space to its fullest potential. My house is on the rather small side for having three children. So my husband and I have decided that we are going to move the girls into one room, the master bedroom. My husband and I are going to use Drama Queen’s and Princess’s room as our bedroom and Boo’s room will become the computer/office. It will give them more space and it will get the computers out of my room. lol We are eventually going to add on but who knows how long that will actually take. So I think this will be the next best thing. Plus it will help me to clean things out and downsize things.

I really want my bedroom to be a sanctuary for my husband and I. A place without distractions from the computers and stuff. I think this is going to be awesome. I will take before and after pics because right now the room that is going to be our bedroom is purple with pink trim. lol The soon to be computer room is currently mint green with pink trim. lol Not exactly grown up is it? lol But the girls are excited because that means new paint and accents. WooHoo this is going to be so much fun.

Well I’m tired and will chat more with you tomorrow. Goodnight bloggy world.