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Show Me Your Purse Challenge

There’s this great little challenge over at Hummie’s World called the “Show Me Your Purse Challenge”. I figured I would join it.

Here are the rules.

You must:
1. Include your hand in the photo so we can relate to how big the purse is.

2. Dump the contents of your purse and share another photo, listing the contents of your purse.

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Here is my purse.

I love TinkerBell and I love totes. I found this one at Disney World while there back in January of this year. It’s big enough that if I have to go to the store real quick I don’t have to pack a bag for my toddler. I can just throw a couple pull ups and a quick snack into the bag and go.

I love purses so I’m always looking for new ones. I really don’t care if its little or big I just like purses. If there are matching shoes, even better. lol

The contents of my purse:

  • Avon brochures – I’m an Avon rep so I never leave home without a couple in my purse.
  • 2 checkbooks – one is personal and the other is my joint account.
  • Glasses and case – can’t drive without these.
  • Cell phone – If hubby can’t reach me he goes crazy lol
  • Car keys
  • House keys
  • Wallet – has debit cards, library cards, business cards, and cash whenever I have it lol
  • Change purse – any spare change found goes into this little purse.
  • Makeupbag – That contains: feminine products, breath freshner, chapstick, lipstick, lipgloss, mirror, hair scrunchi/barretts, lipliner, eye liner, and a pair of earrings (usually hoops of some kind. Most of the time they are silver but I was wearing pink a couple days ago. lol)
  • Pens – I have to have a pen. I will go crazy if I don’t.

That’s it though. It’s really not to bad and it’s only heavy when I have to add Boo’s stuff or on Sundays when I throw my Bible in so I don’t have to carry it.

If you read this and decide you want to do it let me know. I would love to check out your blog.


One thought on “Show Me Your Purse Challenge

  1. Thanks for participating. It made my day! I didn’t even know you were a reader of my blog.I can see I am going to enjoy reading these!I agree that it is a good thing to have a larger bag to be able to through the pull-ups and other childhood things in. I had forgot that shoes were supposed to match purses.And the best part is that your Bible fits in yours…way cool!


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