Homeschooling and the Environment

One of my fellow bloggers, Christine, over at Mommies Coffee Break, posted a blog entitled "Homeschooling: A Green Solution?". In light of the recent headlines about California's recent decisions on the subject I think this is very appropriate. We have to stand up for homeschooling and who better to do it than us Homeschooling parents. … Continue reading Homeschooling and the Environment

Show Me Your Purse Challenge

There's this great little challenge over at Hummie's World called the "Show Me Your Purse Challenge". I figured I would join it.Here are the rules.You must:1. Include your hand in the photo so we can relate to how big the purse is.2. Dump the contents of your purse and share another photo, listing the contents … Continue reading Show Me Your Purse Challenge

Articles That Interest Me This Week

I've found some great articles on some of my bloggy friends blogs this week. Here are a few that you might find relative to you.Christine, From Dates to Diapers, posted a great article titled "Do you want your blog to be noticed?" .Laura over at I'm an Organizing Junkie, has an article about Kids entitled … Continue reading Articles That Interest Me This Week