Field Trips

Greenville, South Carolina

How many cities can boast to having a gorgeous waterfall downtown? Not very many, but mine can. Tuesday while friends of ours from out of town were visiting and we took them to downtown and walked along main street. The kids did a scavenger hunt called “Mice on Main” and they had 9 clues and had to find 9 bronze mice that were hidden all down main street. It was a lot of fun and we found all nine mice.

I love our downtown, it has small town charm with big city benefits. While walking down main street we did some window shopping and we had to go into the toy store called “O.P. Taylors”. I love that toy store. It has all kinds of neat and unique items. My kids love it because it has a slide in the back of the store that they can slide on and a Thomas train table set up. We also have a great store that sits next to the toy store called “Mast General Store”. It’s been around for a really long time and has everything. You can find a bunch of really unique things there along with some great popular items. They still sell candy by the pound there and you can find candy from today’s popular M&M’s to the old Mary Janes. Every time we go in there we end up buying over a pound of candy. It’s so funny. It’s great. I love our downtown. It has trees all up and down the street and it’s so much fun to walk.

Our friends, who have traveled abroad to Europe, said that our city is one of the most beautiful cities they have been to and it rivals many of the “pretty” European cities. Which just made me that much more proud to live here.

Well I must go my Boo is greatly needing my attention.