Just For Fun

Talent was not accounted for in tonights results.

I’m in utter shock, disappointment and amazement. People were definitely not voting for who did well like they should be doing. It was definitely a popularity contest tonight. Unfortunately, Carly Smithson went home this evening. She has one of the best female voices in the entire competition. I LOVE Brooke but based on the performances from the night before Brooke and Jason should have been in the bottom two. Not Syesha and Carly. They were fantastic. However, that being said, Carly has a great attitude and we will definitely being seeing her in the future. I just feel like she was unfairly judged by people at home.

You can definitely tell that a lot of teen girls voted last night. I mean, come on, Jason is good but he is not THAT good. Although, I must admit I would rather have Jason Castro up there any day than another Sanjaya. LOL

Well what did you think of tonights results?