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American Idol and a little venting….

To have the songbook of Andrew Lloyd Weber at your disposal is so totally awesome. I love broadway musicals and have secretly wanted to be in one. LOL I was telling a friend of mine that this week we will see those who can really sing. So here is my opinion on all the performances.

  • Syesha – She has a fantastic voice and I think she totally rocked on that song.
  • Jason- I think he definitly should have picked a different song. I think this performance will put him in the bottom.
  • Brooke- I LOVE her but she messed up and I think that made her nervous and caused her some strain. I still think she is an awesome performer and she has a great connection with the audience. LOVE HER.
  • David A. – LOVED it. Great song, great job.
  • Carly – Again a top one for Carly and loved the tee btw “Simon Loved Me (This Week)”.
  • David C. – Totally Rocked. I think he is going to win this thing.

My opinion as far as bottom: Jason and Brooke. Hopefully Brooke will get a chance to redeem herself next week.

I lost internet yesterday when our provider lost service. Most likely from a power serge. Good thing it is fixed and I am obviously online again. BAD thing because it fried our router. Which means I am currently working on my hubby’s server just to be online until we can get a new wireless router so I can return to my pc. Our internet was offline from 9am yesterday morning until 10am this morning. It’s not been fun. But I am so glad to be online again.

Hope you all are having a good week.



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  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. I had to tell you…my kids and I just watched Amer Idol (we had DVRd it) and I think David Cook may win this thing too. Also, hope you don’t mind if I add your URL to my fav blog list.Genny


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