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I’m Home on a Sunday

This is definitly a rare thing for me to be home on a Sunday morning rather than at church. In fact not sure what to do with myself. Oh wait yes I know what to do. I think I’ll take a shower. LOL

My kids have been fighting allergies all week. Drama Queen gets hit very hard with them and unfortunately it takes her a bit longer to fight things off than the other two. Yesterday morning though Princess and Boo woke up coughing as well and so that meant they were going to have to miss out today to get this knocked out of their system. I’m just thankful that its nothing more than allergies and not that horrible flu that is still going around even though its already April.

BTW all you guys getting all this snow right now, I don’t envy you at all. I pray that the snow goes away so you can have spring weather. I can’t believe you all are still getting snow in APRIL. It just amazes me. Oh welll, so much for global warming, huh? LOL

Well I hope you all are having a blessed Sunday. Enjoy your time in the house of God and spending time with your family and friends today. Remember me and my crew in prayer if you don’t mind. That they all get well quickly. Thanks everyone.