Thinking and Pondering

Have you ever felt like you put to much on yourself? Are you the kind of person who comes up with idea after idea of things to do but then you try to do them all and you just can’t? I am definitly one of these people. It drives me crazy that I can’t always do everything I think about. In fact things around my house will sometimes not get done because of ideas that pop into my head that I want to implement. It’s so funny. I have decided today that I am putting a stop to my interrupting brainstorms and going to start writing down the ideas into a notebook and not mess with them until I really do have time to implement them.

I’m a creative person by nature and I’m also a procrastinator when it comes to things I don’t like doing and a perfectionist as well. So combine the three and you get….. a mess. LOL What I am learning to do is take the things that are my weaknesses and develop them into a good strength. Like I should procrastinate a bit more on my “brainstorms” and put my work first. I should also use more of my creativity in the girls education when I plan out their lesson plans. I should also make sure that my house is cleaned more to neccessity and less to perfection. So I am going to start challenging myself. I’m going to improve my weaknesses to the point that they are no longer weaknesses. But I can only do it with God’s help.

Please pray as I learn how to use these things for my benefit and improve myself.



2 thoughts on “Thinking and Pondering

  1. I can totally relate. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Too often I just go with my instincts instead of reining it in to a more productive use of both my strengths and weaknesses.


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