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And Now There Are Six

Introducing our American Idol Top 6:

  • Brooke White
  • Carly Smithson
  • David Archuleta
  • David Cooke
  • Jason Castro
  • Syesha Mercado

Last night was the end of the line for Kristy Lee Cook. In all honesty she is the only one that I was hoping would go home last night. I’m sure she will have lots of luck in the music biz but it was the end of her American Idol road until the tour with the top 10 this summer.

I am very much looking forward to next week to see what the idols have cooked up for us this time. I am going to go ahead and make a prediction about the winner. I do believe that walking away the winner is going to be David Cooke. I think he has the talent, the showmanship and the maturity to handle this type of business. I wish them all the best. I am still a HUGE Brooke White fan. I also love Carly Smithson as well. David Archuleta is very talented but I don’t think he is mature enough to handle the music biz right now. However, I do think we will see more of him regardless of whether he wins or not.

Well that’s my 2cents. Hope you have a blessed day.


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