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The Guys Had It Tonight

Oh my goodness. The guys really won out tonight. Mariah Carey was the mentor on American Idol tonight. Opening the show singing “Miracles” was David Archuletta who did a fantastic job. Then David Cooke singing “My Baby” was totally an awesome show. David Cooke rocks. Absolutely and totally rocks. Then ending the show was Jason Castro who totally fit the song perfectly even though I can’t remember what he sang. LOL The girls I think really had a hard time with the evenings performance and I totally think that the bottom three are going to be all girls and I’m not really sure which ones. They all had struggled at some point in their songs. The guys really did fantabulous. LOVED THEM!!

David Cooke did so well that when Simon told him that he was like a breathe of fresh air I jumped up and down for him. lol I was afraid of what he would say for Jason Castro but he had a great review for him as well. It was so awesome. I really wish the girls had done better. Carly did well but she has a confidence issue. I think she second guesses herself. Brooke also deals with her confidence and I think when she hit a couple of bad notes she kind of started rushing herself through the song. She sounded good other than a couple places. I thought technically Syesha did well but again she choose a HUGE song. So that usually is hard because you end up getting compared to the original artist when you do that. Kristy Lee, she did okay. I don’t know why but as a person I’m sure she is great but in this competition I just don’t care for her. It could be that she is more country and I am just not a country person for the most part. I don’t know I just don’t care for her so much. She was okay but just not my fave.

As far as my predictions go. I think its going to be all girls at the bottom this time and I’m not sure which of the girls will be safe. Hoping that both Carly and Brooke will be. My girls LOVE Syesha and they will be saddened if one of them has to go but I know someone will have to. ahhhhhhhh the pressure. LOL


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  1. LOL…I am over Daivid Cook…and I love country…NOT Kristy’s version though! ROFL! Love ya, sis! (((hugs)))


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