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Well its Monday. Most people would be writing about the blues because of Monday but since Monday is actually a weekend day for me and my family my weekend is not over yet. My husband has a Tuesday through Saturday work schedule so we have one more day to goof off before going back to the grind of the week. And since we homeschool the girls get to enjoy this day with us as well.

The only thing I wish was different was the weather. Not that I mind if its rainy but the temperature is cold for this time of the year. I mean last week we had temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s and today its only supposed to be 54 as the high. Now we didn’t have a hard winter so I guess its just trying to linger longer than it should. But its aggravating. I am so ready to have the warm weather all the time. I’m tired of wearing jackets. Of course I am not complaining just wishing it was going to be warm today. OH well, wishing is not going to get me anywhere. I guess today is going to be a good day to stay in. Well I should be able to get my indoor chores done. LOL Except for my trip to the library that is. LOL

I have a good week ahead of me. One that I am determined to complete some of the things that I have started.

How is your week starting off?


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  1. Found you through the mom blogs – looking for other SC mommy bloggers – and I too am not happy with this yucky weather. I am ready to get outside!


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