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Well not only did they end the Idol gives back show with “Shout to the Lord” but they began the elimination show with it. It was awesome.

I am however in total and complete shock over who was eliminated last night. I really did not think it would be Micheal Johns. I actually cried for him. When I saw the bottom three, which I got wrong again, I thought it would have been Syesha to go home. When Ryan said that Carly and Syesha were safe I was floored. In fact I’m pretty sure NOONE expected that by the looks on there faces. I do think he will go on and make a good career in the music business. I have no doubts that we will hear about Micheal Johns again. I’m just saddened that his journey on idol has ended.

What did you think? Do you think it was right? Do you think Michael should have gone home?


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