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Shout To The Lord

Oh my goodness. To have them end Idol Gives Back on this song was amazing. I was about in tears. I love that song. Although the whole night I was practically in tears watching the videos and my heart goes out to every one of those people. But when they announced that the top 8 was going to sing “Shout to the Lord” I just cried. Praise God that there is still some good in Hollywood. Now if they could just show it more than on special occasions.

Now tomorrow night. A third night of American Idol this week. Tomorrow night someone is going to go home. My prediction for the bottom three is: Syesha, Brooke (my favorite) and Michael Johns. I was so hoping Kristy Lee would be going home instead but she did good therefore she will most likely stay in.

Well those are my thoughts for the night. I’m tired from working in my garage today so I’m off for now.



2 thoughts on “Shout To The Lord

  1. sorry to leave a comment like this… but I love your layout and I was trying to find a way to email you but couldn’t… how do you make ‘blogger’ look so cool? Is it very ‘techy’? I’m not sure how to go beyond the standard templates on blogger… which I am realising every man and his dog has! anyway… if you have a sec i’d love some advice 🙂


  2. I thought it was amazing tonight Idol concluding with ‘Shout to the Lord’ too. God will be glorified!


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