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Idol Gives Back

Idol Gives back starts early tomorrow at 7:30 pm. I was surprised about that. But I am looking forward to it. I’m wondering if they will again do like they did last year and not send anyone home this week and send two people home next week. I guess we shall see. Here are my thoughts on tonights performances.

Michael Johns: I thought he did very well and that the song totally fit him. I can totally see him as a rocker.

Syesha: I liked her performance. Some touchy spots but overall she did good.

Jason Castro: Perfect song for him and my favorite version too. Absolutely LOVED it.

Kristy Lee: She did well with her performance. Not my favorite out of all of them but she did good.

David Cook: I don’t think this was his best BUT he is still really good.

Carly Smithson: LOVE her. Thought she did well but was lacking some emotional connection.

David Archuleta: Again a great song for him. I thought he sounded good too.

Brooke White: Absolutely the best song for her to sing. I LOVE HER. She totally rocks. Great song to end on also.

Well those are my thoughts so far. I hope you all enjoyed the show and will see how it goes tomorrow.

Nite everyone.


One thought on “Idol Gives Back

  1. LOL…you are WAY nicer than me…maybe it is because my monthly friend is visiting. ROFL! We do not agree much this week. ROFL. My teenie bopper got involved this week. LOVE YOU! (((hugs)))


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