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Chikezie goes home….

Well I was right about one thing. Chikezie was in the bottom three. However he was joined by Syesha and Jason Castro. I was kind of saddened to see him go because I loved his personality and I think he is an awesome singer but I also know that at this stage they all are talented and someone has to go.

Chikezie, I know you are going to have a wonderful career ahead of you. I pray that God blesses you in all you do. I hope to get to see you on the American Idol tour when you come to town.

I am excited about next week. Dolly Parton will be the mentor. I love her. She is so funny. It’s going to be fun I think.

Well there it is for tonight. I’m about to get off.

Hope you all have a blessed night.


3 thoughts on “Chikezie goes home….

  1. Seriously LOVE the new look Dianna!!!! I also love that you watch American Idol faithfully too! Woohoo! It is the one show that my hubby and I make sure to watch each week πŸ™‚


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