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American Idol chit chat

I thought last night was a good show. The top 10 performed pretty well. Here are my thoughts on each performer.

Ramielle – I like her but I wasn’t impressed. I’m not sure if she will make through to the next week or not.

Jason Castro – I like him alot. I thought he did very well. He is a very likable person. I think he may make it through another week.

Carly Smithson – I like her alot. I think she did well regardless of Simon’s opinion. lol

Chikezie – He has a great personality, he has a good voice he is likable but I’m not sure he pulled it off or not.

Brooke White – She is one of my faves but I know she made some mistakes that made her vulnerable.

Micheal Johns – He did an AWESOME job last night. I definitly think he will be with us another week.

Syesha – She is so cute. My daughters LOVE her. I think she did great. She has a great voice.

David Archuleta – He is adorable. Another of my faves. He will definitly go through.

Kristy Lee Cook – Not one of my faves but she played it smart with her song choice and she did VERY well.

David Cook – AWESOME again. I think he is going to give everyone a run for the show. He has a REALLY good chance at winning this thing.

My predictions for bottom three in no particular order:

Ramielle – I just don’t think she was very impressive last night.
Brooke White??? – I think she did good. But I dunno I just think she might be in the bottom three. But I am totally unsure about this. Just trying to guess as to the performance.
Chikezie – I love him but I just feel like he could have done better and may end up in the bottom three.

Who I think will go home:
I think tonight might be Ramielle’s night to go home. I like her but I just don’t think she did well enough to pull through.

What did you all think?


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  1. Hello, :)Ramiele is in my choice of the bottom two along with Kristy…I wonder wh it will be!! I guess we will just have to wait and see. ;)(((hugs)))


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