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American Idol predictions

I was so wrong about who was going home tonight. I even had my bottom three wrong.

Here was the bottom three tonight:

Carly Smithson This was a complete and total shock to me. I thought she had done VERY well last night. Aparantly she didn’t get as many votes.

Kristy Lee Cook This didn’t shock me at all. I was expecting her to be there.

Amanda Overmyer This was another shock. Even though she didn’t do the best performance. I felt she was different enough for America to bring her back.

I was kinda shocked that Amanda went home instead of Kristy. I thought for sure her time was up. But alas I was wrong… *gasp* LOL. Oh well Kristy has another chance to redeem herself. If she doesn’t do well this next week it will be… bye bye Kristy.


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