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Cloudy, gloomy day

It’s such a gloomy and gray day today. It actually is making me very tired. I have so much to do today but I don’t really want to start any of it. Considering its after 1pm in the afternoon you’d think I’d be further along with my “To do” list. Nope I’m to busy making up my “To Don’t” list. lol

I have been doing a lot of thinking about things to write about and do online. I’m just another of the many stay at home mom’s trying to find their niche in this bloggy world. Trying to find something that makes me stand out in the crowd it just a bit overwhelming today. Of course it could be because of the overcast day.

I don’t know what it is but on days like today the weather reflects my mood. Not that I am sad but just kind of slow and lazy today. Does it do that to you? I’m actually quite happy just slow. So what shall we talk about?

How about American Idol. I think the top 11 really struggled last night. I mean what were the creators/producers thinking doing two weeks worth of Beatles stuff. I mean when you have a week like last week you know that its going to be really hard to live up to that. I think David Archuleta did redeem himself. He is such a sweet kid. I do think the girls really had a hard time and I believe that…. here it comes….. I’m making a prediction here…… the bottom three will be….

Dun dun dun duuuuuunnnnnnn (ROFL)

Kristy Lee Cook



I guess we will find out tonight if I’m right or wrong. I think Kristy is going to go home tonight. But we shall see how America has voted.

Well I need to get myself moving and do what needs to be done. Hope you have a great day…



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