Long Day

Today seems like such a long day. I have been dealing with this horrible headache. YUCK It’s probably sinuses but one can never tell. I get them about once a month. I hate them. But It’s ok I took some tylenol and I will be happy soon. LOL

Update on my sis: She had to go to a specialist today and they found out that she has a bacteria that eats away at the bones. He gave her some meds and hopefully that will start working. She goes back to the doc tomorrow to see if they are working. If not they are doing surgery tomorrow afternoon to cut out the infection. If they don’t do that she could risk losing her toe. So we are praying that the meds are working and that she will not have to have surgery. We will find out tomorrow. Please pray for her if you think about it. She has gone through so much over this past year and I really feel for her. She just wants to be able to function normally again.

Well I am so tired and I have a few things to take care of so that is all for now. I’ll keep you updated on my sis and THANK YOU for your prayers for her.