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Oh my goodness….

I am so tired. I have been helping out my sister today and so has my mom. Even though there were two of us and I didn’t get up there until the afternoon, I’m exhausted. My mom did most of the work before I got there so if I am this tired then she must certainly be.

I’m looking forward to watching American Idol tonight to see who is the first of the 12 that will be going home. I have my ideas who it might be. I think we may be saying goodbye to either… Ramiele, David Hernandez or Jason Castro. I so hope that its not Ramiele or Jason Castro. I like them. Of course my top faves are Brooke White, Carly Smithson, David Archuleta and Chikezie. David had a very rough night last night but I think he will still pull through this thing.

I’ve got so much going on lately. Things that I have been wanting to do are having to be put off until my sis is better. She is on the mend but it takes time. She is on bed rest due to a health issue with her foot and they don’t know what the problem is for sure. She just had a baby 4 weeks ago and has two other children so my mom and I have been helping her out so that she can get the needed rest. She is my lil sis so I got to make sure she is taken care of. It’s that mother hen instinct I guess. lol

Well I am off to go see who goes home on American Idol. Hope you all have a great night.