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New Season, New Life, New blog design…

Well Spring is just around the corner and with Easter only a few weeks away I thought I needed to update my blog design. Something a bit more springy. I think I have a new favorite flower. The tulip. My daffodils and tulips are blooming and they are so beautiful. I know I’ve not been around much but I’m working on changing that.

My husband and I along with our children are fasting from things that are not Christian/Bible based. I haven’t been watching much tv because of it and haven’t been on too many websites. I even have missed watching American Idol. My husband will be surprised about that one. lol But really I mean will it kill me to instead of watching American Idol to get into the word or read a good story to the kids or even play a game? No it wouldn’t. In fact I didn’t even realize I had missed it until I thought about it this morning.

How about you? Are there things that you do that you don’t even realize could be interfering with you spending time in the word, prayer or with your family? We all have something that gets in the way. I mean we are human. The problem is are we letting it become an idol to us by thinking we HAVE to do it?

I’m going to leave you on that note.

Hope your having a great week.



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