Well I’ve done it……

I’ve gone absolutely insane. Or so you may think. LOL I am going OFFLINE for ONE MONTH. Okay well not totally one month. I am going offline except for one day a week. SATURDAY’s will be my one day to update blogs, forums, etc. I’m still checking email but only after 9pm. I will not be instant messaging or anything. I need a break to get things done that need to be done and I can’t do them by being online all the time. I get too easily distracted. I love being online maybe a little too much so I will be OFFLINE during the week and ONLINE on Saturdays. I hope you all understand.



2 thoughts on “Well I’ve done it……

  1. You’ll be missed, but I completely understand. I have to go on “computer fasts” from time to time just to regain a sense of balance.


  2. I totally understand. I need to set limits on my computer time so that I can get things done. I haven’t been good about doing that lately. I have too many unfinished projects.


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