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Thou Shalt Clean Living Room Cleaning Challenge

I FINALLY got my cleaning challenge done. Woo Hoo. It took me a while but I did do it. Here is the embarrassing before pics and the after pics.


Talk about a nasty and cluttered entertainment area.

Toys everywhere…

Ignore the room in the background and blurry faced little squirt.

Sorry about the blur in the pics above I forgot to turn the flash on and didn’t want to have to redo the pics.


Uncluttered and can actually see the top of the tv.

close up.

wow you mean my table looks like a real table now and not such a cluttered mess of toys and dishes.

You can see that my couch is visible and can actually be sat on. Ignore the room in the background we haven’t gotten to that challenge yet.

Update as far as my desk/office area… Got to clean it off but not as bad as it was the first time.

Well Monday Lara will be posting the new challenge over at

Thanks Lara for helping out this wannabe neat freak.


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