Daily Assignments…

I decided to start making each day Monday – Friday a specific day to post things. Here is the schedule I have chosen.

Mondays – Count Your Blessings Monday
Tuesdays – Tuesday Reviews: I will review books, music, movies, and more every week.
Wendsdays – Whimsical Wendsdays: I will post jokes, pics, and any other funny little tidbit to get us through the rest of the week.
Thursdays – Thoughtful Thursdays: I will post inspirational thoughts and more.
Fridays – Friday Fun Day: This is when I will post games, trivia, and more.

I will still continue to post my other posts too but this will give everyone something to look forward to. BTW if you have anything you would like to submit for any of these days please feel free to email it to me and put the days name as the subject line. submit everything here.

God Bless,