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Okay Half

of the challenge is completed. My desk is clean and organized. Here is a couple before and after pics.

Desk Before:

Desk After:

Printer Stand Before:

Printer Stand After:

Now just to complete my closet. 😀

Do you have any organization tips for organizing your desk/office/workspace? Please share.



3 thoughts on “Okay Half

  1. Hi There…GREAT job on the desk…sad to say, I have not completed mine yet…LOL…I wanted to remind you that it’s It’s Count your Blessings Monday! :)


  2. Oh man, this is making me feel really lazy. My desk is a mess right now because I’ve been using my laptop. But the coffee table is always cleaned off now. lolI will go hit Thou Shalt Clean, it’s been a couple of days. Between the two of you maybe I’ll get the extra cleaning bug.


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