Wild Child

I have had days when my children were constantly whining and arguing and screaming and throwing fits with each other. It makes me want to scream and throw fits. I started thinking why are they acting like that and you know what I heard. It was like God was saying to me….” How do you think I feel when my children are mean to each other and mistreat each other? How do you think I feel when my children are ungrateful and forget to thank me when I have done something for them? How do you think I feel when my children hurt each other physically, verbally and emotionally? How do you think I feel when my children seem to not care about anyone else but themselves?”

Wow what humbling thoughts. I started thinking … “well how does God feel when his children are throwing tantrums because they are not getting their own way?” I know I feel frustrated and upset that my children are acting like that. But you know God showed mercy to his children throughout the Bible even when people didn’t act they way they should have towards him. I mean think about it. When Moses came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments and found his people worshipping idols he could have asked God to wipe the Israelites from the face of the Earth, but he didn’t. Why?? Because God still loved them. They were His children. Just like my children are still my children even when they are not acting the greatest. I love my children more everyday. So even though I have those days were I am upset because my children seem to not like each other, I just pray patience and that God would help me to show them love even on the bad days.