Frustrating Days

We all have them, those days that you feel like nothing gets done. The house is a wreck, the kids are like wild animals running from room to room trying to find the next thing that they can destroy. You are still in your pajamas and it is noon, the dishes are piled up in the sink, the laundry looks like Mount Everest and the kids school work is spread out all over the house. What do you do?

You wonder why your house doesn’t look the mom’s next door. Everything perfectly in its place, all the chores done, the kids and yourself dressed, hair brushed, makeup on. Her kids seem to behave perfectly and never give her so much trouble that she fills like screaming. This is the mom you strive to be. There is something that we fail to see about this mom.

She has been where you are right now. She has had her moments of terror and frustration. She was once a mom …… just……. like…….. you. Can’t believe it? Why don’t you ask her. She will tell you. Her kids are older and she has learned over time how to manage because she had someone to help her, encourage her and mentor her.

Think about this. One day you will be that mom, but until then find a mom that can work with and mentor you. I will tell you that at times I don’t think my house will ever be cleaned. I don’t think that my kids will sit quietly and read. My chores feel like they will never be done. But I know that if I strive to be the mom that God created me to be. He will show me how to be the mom I desire to be. We are not going to be exactly like each other in the way we handle our kids and run our households but by allowing ourselves that mentorship we can learn alot about our selves and the things that cause us not to get done what really needs to be done.

One of my biggest problems is prioritizing. What is the most important thing to you? You should sit down and make out a list of things that you WANT to get done during the day. Then next to that list write out the things that are in the previous list that HAS to be done that day. The rest will happen if and when you are finished with the other stuff. Make sure you are realistic about your list as well. Lets say I have 4 loads of laundry to do but realistically I know that I can only do 2 loads during my day. On my list I wouldn’t put that I HAD to do 4 loads of laundry today, because I know it wouldn’t get done. I would write that I HAD to do 2 loads of laundry today and then put down the other 2 for the next day. Also when making your list pray over it. If you do that God will help you to write down exactly what you can get done and don’t sweat if some of the WANTS don’t get done today.

Here is an example of what my list may look like:

Spend some time in prayer and the Word

Do 2 Loads of Laundry
Do 1 Load of Dishes
Clean and vacuum the Living Room
Clean, sweep and mop the kitchen/dining room
Clean off counters and table tops
Clean off desk
Start reorganizing homeschool closet.

Spend some time in prayer and the Word (this is a neccessity for me to have a good relationship with God)
Do 2 Loads of Laundry
Do 1 Load of Dishes
Clean and Vacuum the living room
Clean off counters

See how I prioritized my jobs for the day. If I get all my things on my HAVE to list done I will go up to the WANT list and do some of it. There are some days that I want to spend extra time with the kids and therefore I get my HAVE TO chores done and the rest of the day I spend with them.

Find a mentor and don’t fret. You will become the mom that God wants you to be. Just trust in Him.