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2018/2019 Curriculum Choices and Plans

So this year I only had to plan our school year around two kids. For the past 13 school years I've had to work with 3 and now my oldest is starting her freshman year of college. It's amazing to me how the time flies when you are busy living life. I'm so excited for… Continue reading 2018/2019 Curriculum Choices and Plans

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Graduation, New School Year and What??

And so I posted in January and that was the last time I blogged. Boy I have become a really bad homeschool blogging mom. But a lot has happened. My work hours have increased. Co-Op kept me pretty busy as well. Along with getting my senior going. So needless to say my oldest has now… Continue reading Graduation, New School Year and What??

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Blogging Changes & Life

We've been fairly busy these last few weeks with the new co-op in full swing and regular homeschool classes. Plus I've become more social in real life. HaHa! This introvert has been forced out of her shell and become an extroverted introvert.  In other words by nature I'm and introvert and I've taught myself to… Continue reading Blogging Changes & Life

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Peppermint: My Go To Oil

If I could only pick one oil with which to live I would have to choose Peppermint. Why? Well there are so many reasons. Peppermint is used for so many different things. We use peppermint on a daily basis in our home. Topically, diffused and internally as well. It's a very versatile oil with so… Continue reading Peppermint: My Go To Oil

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Out of the Ordinary by Jen Turano review

There are a handful of authors that I enjoy their stories strictly because they add humor to them. Although they are generally put under historical fiction or historical romance they seem to add some comedy in the mix and I definitely would consider it more historical romance comedy.  Not that category even exists but maybe… Continue reading Out of the Ordinary by Jen Turano review

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Reviews, Sales, Holidays and More

Well I just can't seem to get up to blogging every week like I used to. But oh well, such is how life works. We tend to go through seasons. And as we do, things change. Priorities change and some things aren't as important any more. I'm not saying you, my friends are not important,… Continue reading Reviews, Sales, Holidays and More

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Kutless Alpha/Omega Review

I was so thrilled to get the opportunity to review the CD for Kutless new album Alpha / Omega. My husband was a fan of theirs for years as he loved their hard rock sound. I became more of a fan when they started pulling more worship into the mix. With this album we are… Continue reading Kutless Alpha/Omega Review

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Jeremy Camp “The Answer” review

I was super excited to get the opportunity to listen to and review Jeremy Camp's new album "The Answer". And guess what? TODAY is RELEASE DAY for this album. Yay!!! If you have never heard of Jeremy Camp let me just say you have been living under a rock. He is such a talented musician.… Continue reading Jeremy Camp “The Answer” review

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Free 30 Day Bible Reading Plan

I just wanted to share that over on Aspiring To Be Magazine's blog they have this awesome reading plan. To download the plan head over there and grab it.   You can click the image above to go to the page OR click the link below. 30 Days with Jesus reading plan. I hope you enjoy… Continue reading Free 30 Day Bible Reading Plan

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Where did September go?

Oh my goodness, I can't believe we are at the end of September. And yet the last time I actually wrote a "catch up" post was in August where I introduced you to my students. Of course I will try to remember to post to the Homeschool Mother's Journal next week, if I remember to… Continue reading Where did September go?